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What is ‘Name your own Rose’?

Naming a rose is often a very expensive and time consuming process, we have made this much easier, because we buy in a variety of roses, that have gone through all the trails, and have not been given any name,  we then name each rose on an individual basis.
When you order your ‘name your own rose’ online, you will put the name and the colour into the order form, that name is then logged with your email address, this means if someone else puts in the same name, they will not be able to purchase it as your email address will show on our records, this keeps the name that you choose unique to you.  If family members or friends want to buy the same rose name and bush, then you will have to give your permission.
What is name your own rose?The Roses are Floribunda, and they grow to approx. 3ft x 3ft, we have currently 4 colours in stock at the moment, Yellow: strong scent and pretty flowers, White: slight scent with lovely creamy white flowers, Pink: very pretty pale pink flowers with a slight scent and Red: very deep large flowers with a slight scent. All pictures of the roses are on our website.

The Rose bush is gift wrapped and comes with care instructions on how to look after your rose, together with a certificate with your own message printed on and the plant label with your chosen name and picture of the rose, these are plant labels that are waterproof.


We now have ‘Name your own Patio Rose’ in stock, we have for several years, been contacted by customers, who want to give a plant to a relation, but that person may be in a care home, or flat and only have a balcony, or they may just want to grow in a pot, these roses are ideal for that, they have small flowers on a healthy bush, and we have the following in stock:

MemoriesRed, Yellow, Pink, white and Apricot.

This Gift is really personal, it is definitely not ‘off the shelf’ the certificate is personal to you, so too is the plant label, and we can make it even more personal by adding your picture, we offer this service free, you send us or upload your picture on our website and we will print this off onto our special plant labels, it could be you have a Special Anniversary to buy for, we can print even black and white prints onto the label, it could be an old wedding photo! Or someone may have lost their pet, we can print your picture onto the label, making it a really personal gift that will flower every year, and be a constant reminder to you or the recipient.

Yellow Roses: Friendship: Joy, good Health
Pink Roses: Love, gratitude, Appreciation
Red Roses: Love, Romance
White Roses: Marriage, New starts, Remembrance
Apricot Roses: Enthusiasm, Passion
Burgundy: Unconcious Beauty


Many Thanks Rose Names, the rose is brillant! arrived on time, it is beautifully presented with the certificate and label, my friend was delighted, I will definately use you again.


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Rose Names


We make naming your own rose plant an easy job. Choose from a variety of roses to name your own. All roses come gift wrapped with a waterproof label and certificate.

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