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Gardeners Trug


Gardening Trug with mini fork mini spade string and markers


A gift wrapped gardeners trug, ideal for use in your garden, it comes with a pair of gloves, string, small fork and spade and some plant markers.

Everything you need in this very handy gardeners trug.

The Trug can be used during the summer for harvesting berries and fruit, makes a great gift to add to 'Name a Rose' or to purchase on its own or with a Gift Voucher for a lovely Birthday/Anniversary/Leaving Gift.

The Trug is gift wrapped and it is delivered free when added to your rose order.

Trugs make a great gift in itself for the gardener, very handy to take with you in the garden when picking fruit, but also a handy storage item for all your gardening string, and plant markers, a great gift for every gardener.


Gardeners Trug