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November Blog

September so far has been glorious with lots of roses flowering for the second time this year, its a beautiful scene here.


We have also run a successful competition, 'Best Summer Photo' we have had lots of entries but could not help but choose 'Pebbles' he just makes us smile, his photo is up on our wall in the office.


Thank you to all our repeat customers it is lovely having such great customers and thank you all for sending us photos of your beautiful roses in your garden.   please follow this link to signup for special offers and competitions that we run from time to time: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our newsletter once a week.

We continue to sell Remembrance Roses, Birthday Roses and Anniversary Roses, here is a list of the important dates for Anniversaries and the Corresponding rose colour, upload your image and we will print onto the plastic waterproof and frost proof label with our special inhouse printers, this makes a very personal, special gift for any ocassion!


1st Year       Paper-Send a Gift Certificate

10th Year     Tin - Garden Trough Gift Basket

25th Year     Silver-White Rose

30th Year     Pearl -Clotted Cream Rose

35th Year     Coral-Coral Rose bush

40th Year     Ruby- Red Rose Bush

45th Year     Sapphire-Lilac Blue Rose Bush

50th Year     Gold-Yellow Rose Bush

60th Year     Diamond-Pure White Rose Bush

65th Year     Blue Sapphire-Blue Rose Bush

70th Year     Platinum-Pure White Rose Bush

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