August News!
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August 2021

August News!

Summer is nearly over or has it even started? So perhaps it would be a good idea to mention a few things in this blog regarding 

roses and warm humid weather.

What if you have a problem with green Fly?

We use Rose Clear every week, by spraying your roses before it gets any diseases will ensure that you have a healthy rose bush, but if you do get green fly, spray the plant with 'Lavender washing up Liquid' dilute it and spray onto the plant-yes it really works.


I have a problem with Black Spot?

Again we would suggest you use a spray once a week, to prevent this from happening in the first place, but if you do notice you have black spot, then cut back the plant, spray with something like 'Rose Clear' or anything similar recommended for black spot for roses.   As the plant grows continue to spray every week.


Don't forget to feed the Rose bush too, Potash is good for blooms, or even Tomato feed diluted given once a week.

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Rose Names you made a very sad occasion, happy, Thank you, the rose is beyond what we expected, really happy with it and your service.

Mrs B

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Rose Names


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