July 2021
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July 2021

July 2021

Rose Care Tips for the Summer


Feeding your Roses

Feed your roses with either a granular fertilizer or Liquid fertilizer. If using liquid fertilizer regular feeding every 2-3 weeks until late summer, will give you beautiful blooms throughout the growing season.

If conditions are dry, water your roses before feeding them and then keep them well hydrated afterwards, this helps the plants absorb nutrients better, and prevent fertilizer burn on roots and leaves.


How to deadhead roses depends on their type, but in general, the easiest way is to just snip off the spent rose at the end of its short stem, above any foliage.

Try to keep your cuts at a diagonal angle as this prevents rain water from collecting and dripping causing disease.   Removing the old blooms stops the plant from putting energy into developing seeds and instead encourages it to produce more flowers.

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Rose Names


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