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With the Wedding season just around the corner, this Blog is going to help you decide what to buy the Bride and Groom or the Parents.

A unique name your own rose bush named after the Happy Couple and with your own photo printed onto the plant label which is waterproof and frost proof.

Roses make a perfect gift for a wedding, the history of the rose goes back millions of years, the rose is undoubtedly the worlds favourite flower and it is grown all over the world, Roses have such a wide range of colours ranging from pure white, Clotted creams, Yellows, Tangerine and Peach, to crimson reds, Burgundy and Lilac Blues, so whatever colour scheme you have there is going to be a perfect match with a rose.

There are many varieties of roses, we sell floribunda roses and patio roses, these roses are full of colour during the summer months June-September.   The floribunda roses needs to be planted in the garden and the Patio roses have smaller flowers but can be planted in the garden or a pot, making it ideal if someone only has a small balcony.

The Scent of the rose can be simply stunning, from the clotted cream rose to the deep burgundy, they all have a strong deep scent, strongest after the sun goes down on a hot summer day when they release the oil in the air.

Each Rose bush is gift wrapped, comes with a certificate which will include your message and the plant label, the name will be logged and it is unique to you.

Spring 2022 Blog

March has seen us launch our new website, we are able to show our customers how unique our roses are and each and everyone is unique to you.   We are the only company to print your image onto the plant label which is waterproof and frost proof.  We hope we have given you some ideas on what you can use.  Whether you want to purchase something special for a Birthday, Anniversary or just a Thank you we are sure the recipient will be very happy.

Our roses also make a lovely Remembrance gift, for you or someone else.

We can also print a corporate logo for leaving gifts for employees.

All our roses are unique they are un-named and so we can name each one individually, this is not something off the shelf but a very unique and personal lasting gift.

Welcome to our first 2022 Newsletter

With the days becoming longer, we can enjoy our gardens a little bit more each day.  Now is a great time to tidy up the beds, you can still cut back your roses, cutting back will back the plant stronger and bushier.

We are always looking at new and old products to use in order to find the best way to keep our roses looking healthy, but often it is the old fashioned methods that work best, over the next few months we will be publishing our list of the best products to use...so please watch this space.


With Valentines just around the corner, why not send a Rose Bush instead of a bunch of roses? Did you know that a single rose stem flown into the UK can generate 2.4kg of CO2

There is no better time than now to consider growing your own roses.    All our roses are grown in the UK, you can then produce all the cut roses you want not just for valentines Day, not only that but you can name a rose after a loved one.

Create your own little memorial garden naming a rose after each family member or just give to someone you care about, it will not only encourage them into the garden but will give them an interest.

Some people find it hard on deciding which colour rose they should choose, obviously it is a personal choice and we are always happy to offer advice when someone calls us, but we have included a list of roses and their meanings below.

November Blog


Dont forget World Kindness Day is on the 13th November, and we are offering a Special Offer on our Kindness Day Roses £29.99 including a Pot and FREE Delivery, why dont you make someone's day? 

With Christmas just around the corner we are busy making sure all our roses are looking their best! Weather wise we have seen glorious sunshine and blue skies, hope this continues.

We are currently looking into adding more gardening gifts to our website, plus adding some pamper gifts to add to your 'name your own rose' or to simply buy on their own.

We do have some lovely leather gardening gloves for sale for just £14.99 delivery included if you purchase a rose, A lovely Trug full of some very useful things for the garden and the trug itself can be a lovely addition for your fruit picking £29.99 free P&P when purchased with a rose and of course a lovely bottle of Prosecco which is light and fruity £19.99 free delivery if added to your rose order

November Blog

September so far has been glorious with lots of roses flowering for the second time this year, its a beautiful scene here.


We have also run a successful competition, 'Best Summer Photo' we have had lots of entries but could not help but choose 'Pebbles' he just makes us smile, his photo is up on our wall in the office.


Thank you to all our repeat customers it is lovely having such great customers and thank you all for sending us photos of your beautiful roses in your garden.   please follow this link to signup for special offers and competitions that we run from time to time: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our newsletter once a week.

August News!

Summer is nearly over or has it even started? So perhaps it would be a good idea to mention a few things in this blog regarding 

roses and warm humid weather.

What if you have a problem with green Fly?

We use Rose Clear every week, by spraying your roses before it gets any diseases will ensure that you have a healthy rose bush, but if you do get green fly, spray the plant with 'Lavender washing up Liquid' dilute it and spray onto the plant-yes it really works.


I have a problem with Black Spot?

July 2021

Rose Care Tips for the Summer


Feeding your Roses

Feed your roses with either a granular fertilizer or Liquid fertilizer. If using liquid fertilizer regular feeding every 2-3 weeks until late summer, will give you beautiful blooms throughout the growing season.

If conditions are dry, water your roses before feeding them and then keep them well hydrated afterwards, this helps the plants absorb nutrients better, and prevent fertilizer burn on roots and leaves.


Wedding Season

Well, the wedding season is really in full swing! although numbers are restricted, you can still send the happy couple a beautiful rose to remember their special day.

Print their photo onto the plant label, a perfect gift to give.

Spring News


Spring has been a very wet one, but we have continued to grow as a company taking on more staff, we have introduced new gift wrapping and our logo has changed together with our certificate and label layout.

All of our roses are unique and very personal to you. Each one is individually gift wrapped and the certificate and label are also personal to you.

We are the only company to print your image/photo onto the plant label using our special in house printers that print onto our waterproof and frost proof labels.

Rose Names March Blog

MARCH 2020 Welcome to our Blog. Its official February was the wettest on record. If you have heavy clay soil, you will need to break up some of the soil and introduce some manure or compost, or leave it to the worms… But it’s always a good idea to feed your roses now, with a good Rose Feed and again in the summer. We still have all our colours in stock, and with Mother’s Day around the corner we have got a Special Edition Coral Patio Rose bush, which will be happy in a pot or the garden, it will produce 100’s of small flowers throughout the summer.

What should we be doing with our roses?


If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to cut back your roses, don’t worry you can’t really cut them back too hard.